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A variety of topics that include history, arts,literature, culture, genealogy, music and more. Updated weekly. Tentative schedule available at

Lesley Anderson, Chris Paton, Gail Dever, Ciara Kerrigan


Lesley Anderson talks about a planned genealogy tour to Ireland in April 2016.
Chris Paton — Using Scottish Land Records 
Scotland has some of the best-kept land records in the world. Not only can they help to reveal who owned, leased or inherited land in the country, they can also help to bridge the gap when the parish records fail. In this talk Chris will describe the sasine records used to record every transaction and inheritance in the country from the early seventeenth century to the present day, the records of forfeiture in the aftermath of rebellion against the Crown, the rental records that can show the presence of ancestors across time in one small community, and the documents showing how land was inherited from one generation to another. As well as explaining how the records worked, he will also describe some of the tools available to hand to help decipher both them and the old Scots language in which many were written.
Gail Dever — 21st Century Genealogy: Taking Advantage of Social Media for Your Researc
Imagine there are genealogists around you 24/7 — sharing resources, advising you and perhaps learning from you as well. That’s social media. This presentation will focus on how genealogists can benefit from the most popular social media like Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook and blogs. Gail will explain how to use social media, find the best resources, maximize your time, manage privacy, and connect with genealogists around the world. Genealogists who are not using social media to help with their research or are who are leery about giving it a try will especially benefit from attending this presentation.
Ciara Kerrigan NLI Parish records project.

Project manager Ciara Kerrigan said the details available through the website provide an invaluable stepping stone for anyone attempting to complete a family tree, given the destruction of all census records predating 1901 during the Four Courts fire in 1922.

“If you’re looking for records of Irish people in the 18th and 19th centuries, no other records for them exist apart from these church records.

“It provides an absolutely critical step in the road because unless you can pinpoint when and where people were baptised, you’re not going to be able to build up a very comprehensive family tree.



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