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Laura D. Kelley, Danny O'Flaherty


Laura D. Kelley, Danny O'Flaherty
The Irish in New Orleans: ‘Goil, we Irish’s everywhere in dis cidy’
NOLA‘Goil, we Irish’s everywhere in dis cidy’, a historian’s account of uncovering the history of Irish emigrants in one of the last American cities you would expect: The Big Easy. This article charters their rise from penniless migrants searching for a better life to their current place as an integral part of the city’s rich social and cultural life. Along the way we also encounter colourful figures of Irish descent like the famed Spanish-Irish soldier Alejandro O’Reilly.
The Irish in New Orleans by Laura D. Kelley,
Laura D. Kelley was born in New York City but spent her childhood in Mexico, her teen years in Texas, Alaska, US Virgin Islands and her twenties in Europe and California. The desire to travel the world runs through her veins courtesy of her Irish ancestors and she assumed that moving every few years to a new locale would continue ad infinitum.  However, after moving to New Orleans to complete her Ph.D., she realized she had finally found a place to call home.
In 1994, Danny O'Flaherty went to Ireland and worked with a group of dedicated currach enthusiasts.  This group formed the Coiste Lar Na Gcurrachai (Central Currach Committee) whose objective is to promote currach racing in Ireland.  In turn he, along with the help of the Celtic Nations Heritage Foundation, established the World Cup Currach Regatta to create an opportunity for the Irish rowers to repesent Ireland in America. 



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